Admission Support With MCI:

GEC has enrolled more than 300 students including 100 girl-students for Philippines till date; and their parents are very happy with the security levels of GEC in Philippines. Parents never hesitate to send their daughter abroad for studies, if GEC is there!

The whole GEC machinery and its staff help the students get admission in a desired Medical/Marine Engineering College in Philippines for MBBS/MARINE ENGINEERING. The GEC, Kolkata staff completes all the documentation and other responsibilities.

Hostel And Canteen Services:

GEC considers the students as its own children; therefore it provides them the best hostel accommodation in Philippines with hygienic Indian food and beverages in its spacious and clean canteen.


GEC is very strict about Security. It promises to provide all sorts of security to the students and to stand by their side as parent in their needs and/or difficulties because the service rendered by GEC will speaks itself. Nowadays this field has not been untouchable one by any one; so, Nowadays there are many organisations/persons in this field who mainly takes students abroad and leave them there as if their responsibility ends there! Many parents and students weep over this scenario after experiencing such organisations/persons. On the other hand GEC has been an authorized and trusted education consultancy with many major leading universities and colleges in Philippines. GEC began to be a Mother for every student from the very first day and provides the best services at the most affordable cost..

GEC, always keeps in mind to created a homely atmosphere in Philippines, where Indian students have to stay. GEC knows very well the students of MBBS/MARINE ENGINEERING are not kids; but serious learner students. So, GEC provides them all kind of good facilities including home-like atmosphere, good food and facilities for the best studies and stands by them in their problems..

GEC gives opportunity to parents to fly abroad along with their wards, merely to examine the facilities in the opposite state where their wards have to stay. GEC makes all arrangements for the parents to visit Philippines; with accomodation in guest house, Food, Car and will arranges the visit of parents with higher authorities of the universities, colleges; shows them the facilities and services provided by GEC